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We created this web site to promote our services following many years involvement in the waste vegetable oil and bio-diesel marketplace. We observed the activities of suppliers, producers and those involved on the periphery and reaslised there needed to be a central source of both information and proferssional services.

We do not collect waste vegetable oil or produce biodiesel ourselves. We leave these jobs to the professionals and we only deal with professional companies, who have a track record of service and support. We rely on our network to provide up-to-date information about the companies we use, to ensure the best service possible.

Why recycle WVO into biodiesel?

Why use us ?

There are many companies in the marketplace offering waste oil collection services. Some are excellent, but many collectors pop-up one day and are gone the next. Trouble is, it's neither glamorous or particularly profitable to call on several small outlets, collect anything from 20 litres to over 1000 litres of gloopy, smelly, contaminated, leaking vegetable oil. The smell gets into your clothes and skin, and also into the very fabric of your collection vehicle ! Without the right equipment and training, what seems like an easy collection job, turns into a costly nightmare. We use companies with a proven track record who have sufficient experience in the industry to know what they are doing, ensuring your waste is collected efficiently, cleanly and professionally.

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Why recycle WVO into biodiesel?