Professional waste oil collection

Helping you help the planet

Wherever you are in the UK we can organise the efficient collection of your waste vegetable oil, professionally and economically. After your initial collection we will collect either when you call and request it, or we can set up a regular schedule so you don't have to worry...

We can pay you for your waste vegetable oil if you
have regular collections of at least 60 litres
although please bear in mind WVO prices are at an all time low

Why recycle WVO into biodiesel?

What makes us different ?

We discovered that due to the 'cottage industry' nature of the biodiesel business, waste oil collections are a very hit and miss arrangement because individuals and even small companies start out with good intentions, but soon falter with their business plan, leaving businesses who need to dispose of their waste vegetable oil without collections.

We do not operate a biodiesel business - what we do is organise and manage oil collections for you.

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Waste Oil Collections

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Why recycle WVO into biodiesel?